Carpet Selection

Selecting new carpet for your home can be fun and exciting. Luxury Floors and Stairs has access to thousands of carpet styles and colors. That means you can really express yourself when selecting your new carpet. You can get that soft, traditional plush that’s so comfortable as you step out of bed each morning or that sleek, contemporary pattern that creates an elegant foundation of rich design in your home.

Where do you start? Start with what kind of Fiber options you prefer.

Because the basic fibers used today all make excellent carpets depending on the usage, you really need to know the differences to help you make the best choice for you and your home. Here are important facts to know about the different fibers:

  • Nylon is extremely versatile and resilient. Although not naturally stain-resistant, most nylon carpets feature stain-resistance treatments that protect against spills and stains. With one of our best carpets by Shaw, they employ a R2X process, which saturates the fiber tip to base, is patented and proven to give exceptional, unprecedented protection. Nylon carpets with proven R2X protection gives you great durability and stain protection.
  • PET (polyester) is naturally stain resistant and fade resistant. It’s a little less durable than nylon but if you enjoy changing your carpets more frequently to give your home a new look, PET is a good choice.
  • Polypropylene/olefin is the least expensive fiber and is naturally stain resistant. A great value, it is especially durable when used in a tight loop construction.

Type of Carpet – Color and Style

The latest fashions are often reflected in interior design trends. That’s why our design research makes sure our carpet choices keep up with the latest in both. Much like fashion choices you find in your favorite clothing stores, you’ll always be able to choose from the latest, most fashionable color trends. Express your style with different patterns and textures. Your home can be as fashion-forward as you are, with carpet in texture, twist, loop, and pattern constructions. Keep it soft and cozy. If extreme softness is what you crave, be sure and check out Caress products from Shaw. They are our softest carpets ever and may even remind you of your favorite cashmere sweater.

Contact us today for carpet and flooring services and/or visit our showroom to pick out your new carpeting for your home or office.

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